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Manan Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. a pharmaceutical company based at Bangalore. The plant is situated in the heart of the city of Bangalore, on Mysore road well connected by road and just 5km from central Bangalore.


To earn a name and reputation as a pharmaceutical company with a ‘human face’-for the suffering people with formulations of consistent quality with affordability.


To put the intangible ingredient of “Quality” in every product-We believe that each product is our “Ambassador” and our customers deserve the best.

Our Philosophy:

We have entered this noble profession with a belief that in our own little way, we can serve the ailing humanity. Come what may-We shall not ‘go back’.

Our Aim:

To come out with formulations that are used by most of the patients-however simple they may look-for we believe that we must ‘nip’ the attack in the ‘bud’ without giving it a second chance to thrive.

Our Team:

A team of dedicated pharmaceutical graduates sharing our thoughts and views and determined to overcome all hurdles till we attain what we intended to attain-The task may look difficult-but with so many likeminded people, difficulties will be run over.

Our Ethics:

Willingness to work, determined to achieve, go towards a ‘zero’ error target and a will to excel in every facet of our profession.
Life is short-so is time:
Plan, perform and achieve.
Put your stamp of commitment.
Do our duty sincerely and leave the rest to ‘Almighty”.

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